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Meet the Faces Behind ArrowNex

Our team is a diverse group of passionate individuals dedicated to deliver exceptional training and enablement solutions.  With expertise spanning Intelligent Technology, we collaborate to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional service to our clients. Get to know the talented individuals driving our success.
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    Abhinand N | Security Researcher – Mobile & Web

    Abhinand N is a seasoned Security Researcher with 6+ years of experience in Mobile and Web vulnerability analysis and penetration testing. He has successfully identified and reported vulnerabilities in various Android apps on the Google Play Store and has been leading the Mobile Security team in various VAPT projects. With expertise in OWASP Top 10 Mobile, Frida, Burp Suite, and more, Abhinand provides comprehensive security assessments, ensuring robust protection for clients’ applications.

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    Arjun TU | Security Researcher – Reverse Engineering & System Security

    Arjun TU is a highly experienced Security Researcher specializing in Reverse Engineering, System Security, Cryptography, and Malware Analysis. With over 10+ years of expertise, Arjun has developed an integrated Secure Coding Framework and possesses in-depth knowledge of offensive and defensive security techniques. As an accomplished trainer in cybersecurity, Arjun brings valuable skills and insights to educate and empower others in the field.

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    Aswin M Guptha | Security Researcher – Web/ API / Mobile

    Aswin M Guptha is a highly skilled Security Researcher specializing in Web, API, and Mobile security. With over 10+ years of experience as a cybersecurity consultant, Aswin has worked with prominent organizations like Schneider Electric, where he has developed 50+ training labs for educating employees on cybersecurity. Aswin has extensive experience in conducting penetration testing for a diverse range of clients, including hospitals, colleges, and financial institutions. Additionally, Aswin actively mentors with Team bi0s and organizes Capture the Flag (CTF) programs to foster the growth of junior professionals, college students, and cybersecurity enthusiasts

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    Varun Nair | Security Consultant – Web / Mobile / Windows

    Varun Nair is an accomplished Security Consultant with expertise in Web, Network, Mobile, API, Windows AD, and Linux Pentesting. With over 6+ years of experience, Varun has successfully conducted security assessments in diverse environments. They possess a strong background in cloud security, particularly in Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, and Azure Active Directory. Varun’s proficiency in various tools such as Burp Suite, Empire Tools, Kali pentest tools, x32/x64 dbg, and Ghidra enables them to efficiently identify vulnerabilities and implement robust security measures. With a broad programming language knowledge encompassing Java, C++, Python, C, .NET, Go, Assembly, SQL, Unix scripting, and Ethereum Smart Contract, Varun brings a versatile skill set to tackle complex security challenges.

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    Season Cherian | Security Researcher – ICS / SCADA System Security

    Season Cherian is a skilled Security Researcher specializing in ICS/SCADA System Security, IoT Eco-system which includes Wireless Security, Hardware Security,Radio and Communcation Security and Firmware Security Assessment. With over 6+ years of experience, Season possesses a comprehensive understanding of securing critical infrastructure systems and IoT devices. He has developed CTF tournament challenges in the areas of ICS/SCADA, Wireless, Reverse Engineering, and IoT for esteemed clients like Schneider Electric and Cisco. Season has a proven track record in conducting IoT security assessments, identifying vulnerabilities, and implementing robust security measures. As a Project Lead, Season has been instrumental in creating an ICS miniature prototype to showcase real-world attack scenarios, enhancing awareness and preparedness in the field.

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    Vipin Pavithran | Founder – amFOSS / bi0s

    Vipin Pavithran is a highly accomplished individual with over 10+ years of industry experience and 15+ years in academia. As the Founder and Chief Mentor of renowned student clubs such as amFOSS, Team bi0s, and Team Shakti, Vipin has made significant contributions to the field of cybersecurity. Additionally, he serves as the Director of Traboda CyberLabs, a leading cybersecurity company. Vipin’s expertise and leadership in both academic and industry settings have helped shape the future of cybersecurity professionals, while his role as a Directos at Traboda CyberLabs ensures that cutting-edge solutions and services are provided to clients in the cybersecurity domain

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    Vivek N J | Security Researcher – IoT / Firmware / Cryptography

    Vivek N J is a seasoned Security Researcher specializing in IoT pentesting, Firmware Analysis, System Security, and Cryptography. With over 10+ years of experience, Vivek has developed a strong expertise in securing IoT devices and analyzing firmware for vulnerabilities. As a Mentor and Lead of the Hardware Security Team, Vivek has played a key role in shaping and guiding fellow researchers in the field. He has extensive experience in testing and creating exploits for products like TP-Link, Asus, and Draytek routers, enhancing the overall security posture of these devices. Vivek is well-versed in performing Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) assessments, providing comprehensive security evaluations for various systems. Additionally, Vivek possesses a deep technical interest in areas such as Applied Crypto, Public Key Crypto, Homomorphic Encryption, Multi-Party Computation, Post-Quantum Crypto, Linear and Differential Cryptanalysis, and Zero Knowledge Proof, showcasing a strong passion for cryptographic research and advancements.

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    Harshit Chaubey | Artificial Intelligence Scientist (AI/ML)

    Harshit is a seasoned AI expert with 10 years of extensive experience in developing cutting-edge machine learning solutions. With a B-Tech Computer Science specialising in deep learning, his career spans academia and industry, where he has excelled in solving complex realworld problems. Harshit’s expertise lies in natural language processing, computer vision and predictive analytics, where he has a proven track record of leading high-impact AI projects. His innovative contributions have earned her several patents and recognition in the AI research community. Harshit is a sought-after speaker at colleges and is passionate about mentoring the next generation of AI talents

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    Sreekumar R Koyickal | Chief Business Strategist

    Sreekumar R Koyickal is a versatile Chief Business Strategist with nearly 3 decades of experience in software development, corporate training, business analysis, and product management. With expertise in Agile and waterfall methodologies, Sreekumar has hands-on experience across the software development life cycle (SDLC). Their collaborative approach and ability to work with diverse stakeholders, from CXOs to software developers, contribute to the successful delivery of projects. Sreekumar’s entrepreneurial background adds a unique perspective to problem-solving, innovation, and strategic planning. They have successfully ventured into software development and consultancy in India and the UK since 2004, while also mentoring startups and sharing their knowledge and experience. Beyond IT, Sreekumar’s interests span organic cosmetics, Indian handlooms, and agriculture. With a wealth of experience in software development and a strong business mindset, Sreekumar is well-equipped to drive successful outcomes in the industry.

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    Aun Kidwai | Data Scientist (AI/ML)

    Aun is a results-driven data scientist with close to a decade of comprehensive experience harnessing the power of data analytics, machine learning, and statistical modelling to address real-world challenges. His journey in the realm of data commenced with a fascination for unveiling concealed patterns and trends within data, evolving into a dedicated mission to empower organization’s through their data. Aun’s expertise spans across multiple domains, including data proficiency, where he showcases mastery in data collection, cleansing, and analysis, employing tools like Python, R, and SQL. His machine learning prowess shines through as he excels in crafting predictive models, recommendation systems, and clustering techniques, all of which yield actionable insights. Beyond this, he possesses a keen business insight, skilfully translating data discoveries into tangible business strategies with a focus on fostering growth and operational efficiency. Aun is equally adept at data visualisation, with a knack for creating impactful visual representations that effectively convey insights. His collaborative spirit is evident in his approach to teamwork, consistently ensuring the achievement of cross-functional success through effective collaboration.